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Steel (Blanco)


Steel - Strength in Kitchen Sinks

Discover the strength of Steel. Our steel kitchen sinks blend durability with modern design, elevating your kitchen spaces. Dive into Steel Strength and redefine your culinary experience effortlessly.



Tipo 8 S Compact - R1,830

Cabinet size: 800 mm - Bowl depth 170 mm


Flex Pro 45 S - R1,480

Cabinet size: 450 mm - Bowl depth 155 mm


All prices exclude VAT

All prices exclude VAT

Andano Range - Satin Polish

Andano 340-U - Price: R5,175
Andano 400-U - Price: R5,465
Andano 500-U - Price: R5,760
Andano 700-U - Price: R6,660
Andano 400/400-U - Price: R11,205


Supra Range - Satin Polish

Supra 340-U - Price: R1,800
Supra 400-U - Price: R1,755
Supra 500-U - Price: R2,000
Supra 340/340-U - Price: R4,305